ep 19: Subversive Summer Reading

This week the Oracles are adding “overachievers” to their many titles and accolades by knocking out their summer reading lists early. However don’t be fooled into thinking they’re apple-polishing milquetoasts; for when all the “outdoor kids” were off playing sportsball your hosts had their noses buried in the bawdiest, juiciest, and wildest YA they could find, and they’ll joyride that train all the way to a library co-signed personal pan pizza. Features special guest Kate Whitney co-host of the latest Outrageous Mechanisms show, Space Bras!



The Baby-Sitters Club: Dawn and the Surfer Ghost
NPR fund drive tote bag full of kolrabi
Annie on My Mind
Personal Pan-Demic Pizza
Premise-Wise the Clown
Flowers in the Attic
sucks to be you, nerd
Go Ask Alice
Swipe Right for teen sex
The Shady Bunch
"The Face on the Milk Carton "

Andrew Crawford