ep 18: Dumb Paint Color Names pt 1

On our latest episode the Oracles attempt to bring a little color into the world, and in doing so learn thing or too about parade float supplies, ballistic gel genitalia, fur diapers, and much more! Come along for the ride but please leave your mayo at home.


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Benjamin Moore Restraints & Exterior Pains
Beautiful in My Eyes
O'Reilly Green
Glup /b
Tomato Cream Sauce
Hasselhoff in Berlin
Eye of the Tiger
Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall
Tawny Day Lily
If _____ Was a Horse
Pennies From Heaven (Bing Crosby)
Fancy Pants (Liberace)
Liquid Taxidermy
Marc Summers' Full Circle
Nacho Cheese
Naughty 00s
Nauseating 90s
Dream I Can Fly

Categorical Oracle is a comedy podcast that pits three brave librarians against the rampant disorder of the modern world. Every other week your hosts apply the combined might of their organizational skills to a new topic in their never-ending quest to make things make sense.