ep 20: Great Lakes Tourist Traps

The Oracles are back from their summer vacation and are ready to show off their crustaches and opinions of the best tourist traps the midwest has to offer



Amateur Power
- Blue Flash Backyard Roller Coaster
- Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo
Clark Grisballz to the wallz
- National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame
Gravity Falls Apart
- World's Largest Twine Ball
Junk Closet of the Gods, Now With Gift Shop
- Jungle Jim's International Market
Sitcom Sit Stop
- SPAM Museum
The Sound Tim Allen Makes When He Grunts
- Sun Aura Resort Leg Sundial
To Dream the Implausible Dream
- House on the Rock
Trousers Down Boys, this is a Mens' ceremony
- Loveland Castle
- The DeMoulin Museum of Fraternal Initiation Devices

Andrew Crawford