ep 11: Awkward Oscar Moments

What a night folks! Hollywood’s greatest stars, both human and cardboard, are out and breathlessly awaiting the arrival of this week’s episode — and look who just arrived! It’s a stretch limo with all three Oracles packed in like sardines with a list just dripping in couture and jewels! They’ve got all the great Awkward Oscar Moments with them, from Adele Dazeem to the hottest “It” couple Rob Lowe and Snow White! This will surely be an episode you won’t want to miss!


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Academy Awkwards
2013, Jennifer Lawrence falls - link
A rose by any other name
2014, Adil Dazeem - link
1974, The Streaker - link
1994, Tom Hanks outting Rawley Farnsworth - link
Blight side of History
2016, Charlotte Rampling's reaction to #OscarsSoWhite - link
Boys will trilby boys
2003, Adrien Brody forcibly kisses Halle Berry - link
Chernoble gasbags
1989, Rob Lowe and Snow White sing for 10 mintues - link
2017, Lala Land / Moonligh Best Picture Fiasco - link
Couture Cronenberg
2012, Jolie's right leg - link
Harmeless Fun
2017, Nicole Kidman's clap - link
Leaned In
2011, James Franco hosts - link
Maybe it's Maybelline
1969, Jerry Lewis Ad-Libbing for 20 Minutes - link
Moments best not Remembered
1985, Sally Field Oscar Speech - link
1999, American Beauty wins everything - link, bonus link: Cracked Podcast we mentioned
Oscars' HR Office
2013, Seth MacFarlane Hosts - link

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