ep 12: Go to Products in Supermarket Sweep

Is this one of your fantasies? You see a big beautiful supermarket and they say "go ahead, do what you've always wanted to do! Make terrible sandwiches, frantically dig through bins of canned food, and wear a dickie!" No? What if you got to do all that and get chased by men in rubber monster masks!?! 

Join the Oracles this week as they whip through the aisles in their cheapest primary colored sweatshirts and categorize some of the weirder bonus items from one of TVs most peculiar game shows, Supermarket Sweep


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Big Hair, Karts, Leviathan. Lunchable
Shopping List of Three items
1984 Items or Less
Mystery Product
Manager's Special
Caged Against the Machine
Existential Crisis in Futililty / Excersise in Futility
Super Sandwich
Fretinal Scan
International Bread Center
Frozen Canary Dinner
Lifehack-seat driver
Frozen yogurt
Lynchian Shopping Trip
Magazine Display
Soylent Green is Sheeple
Cracker Jackpot! or Jolly Time Is Money!
Struggling in Quicksand
Grind Coffee

Categorical Oracle is a comedy podcast that pits three brave librarians against the rampant disorder of the modern world. Every other week your hosts apply the combined might of their organizational skills to a new topic in their never-ending quest to make things make sense.