ep 5: Thanksgiving Potluck

In this very special Thanksgiving episode the Oracles are hosting a potluck! Get your lips smacking and your chops set because we’ll be carving up three mini lists this time around. Our buffet table is groaning with items each host is especially thankful for; a baker’s dozen of La Croix flavors, platters of famous cats, and to finish off, massive slices of Meat Loaf’s album covers.


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La Croix Flavors

Butterfly Affectation
- Apricot
- Pamplemousse
I've Never Had the Pleasure
- Mango
Jane Twelve-Pack
- Orange
Jennifer Aniston
- Pure
- Berry
- Passionfruit
Nice and Coozy
- Lime
Peewee Herman
- Peach Pear
Pink Wine on the Rocks
- Lemon
Salivate accentuate
- Cran-Raspberry
- Tangerine
Tom Skerritt
- Coconut

Famous Cats

- Kelly's Cats*
- Jonesy
Double reVisionism
- Sassy
- Si and Am
It's Always the Children who Suffer
- Cat
- Crookshanks
Prophet Warhol
- Grumpy Cat
Shwing Awakening
- Duchess
- Thackery Binx

*With Bias

Meatloaf Album Covers

- Hang Cool Teddy Bear
- Couldn't Have Said It Better
Best in Class
- Bat Out of Hell
Isn't it Ionic?
- Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose
Lipstick on a Hog
- Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell
Oh la la
- Bad Attitude
Rozencatz and Guildenstern
- Braver Than We Are
Serious Pianist
- Midnight at the Lost and Found
Sure, Thanks, I Guess
- Hell in a Handbasket
Trump's America 2019 - Survivor
- Welcome to the Neighbourhood
William Blake's 8th grade notebook
- Dead Ringer

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