ep 4: Fan Theories

This week Kelly has trawled the depths of fan theory message boards and has delivered a net full of flimsy connections, shaky reasoning, and soggy literary criticism for Mary and Andrew to pick apart. How many portmanteau categories will we Frankenstein together? When will our Oracles start loosely interchanging slightly overzealous media fans with conspiracy theorists?  Will this podcast once again trigger Dave Coulier’s Google Alert on himself?

SPOILERS: too many, very early on, and most definitely.

Also, if you're looking for that book of Star Trek poems you can find it here


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- The Peddler in Aladdin Is the Genie
- Walter White Was Malcolm From Malcolm in the Middle
- Ferris Bueller is Just a Figment of Cameron’s Imagination
- Mac, Dennis, And Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia Don't Look Like That
Close, but No Cigar
- Scooby Doo Is About Kids Trying to Escape the Draft
- In Toy Story, Andy's dad is dead or divorced from Andy's mom
Coat-tales as Old as Time
- Frozen's Elsa and Anna Are Tarzan's Sisters
- Sherlock Holmes and Spock Are Related
Delusions of Blandeur
- The Rugrats Are All Figments of Angelica’s Imagination
- Nemo Was an Imaginary Device / DEAD for Marlin to Come to Terms With His Wife’s Death
Fan-dle in the Wind
- Peter Pan Is An Angel, And Neverland Is Heaven
Full on Monet
- Breaking Bad Is a 'The Walking Dead' Prequel
Jacob's Escalator
- Sandy Died at the Beginning of 'Grease'
Occam's On
- Dumbledore is Death in the Harry Potter Universe
Quantum Leaping to Conclusions
- In 'Titanic,' Jack Is From the Future
Roland Farts
- The Name of the Avada Kedavra Curse Illustrates How Wizards and Muggles Interacted in the Past
Sharted Universe
- Willy Wonka Killed and Sacrificed Those Kids Cabin in the Woods-style
Wet Fart
- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is about Heaven
You Oughta Know
- Joey Is The Real Father Of All The Kids In Full House
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
- Eric Is in a Coma for Half of That 70’s Show

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