ep 23: Conspiracy Theories

Bust out those tin-foil hats sheeple, in honor of this, the spookiest month, the Oracles are taking on one of their most terrifying topics yet, Conspiracy Theories.


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American Splendorman
Flat Earth Theory
Brains Are Weird
Mandela Effect
Cold blooded, Check it and See
Escha-ton of laughs
Denver International Airport
FBI (Federal Body Invaders)
The Tuskegee Syphillis Experiement
Jenny McCarthyism
Moon shoes on a trampoline
Phantom Time Hypothesis
Senti-mental yearny
Roswell Crash

Categorical Oracle is a comedy podcast that pits three brave librarians against the rampant disorder of the modern world. Every other week your hosts apply the combined might of their organizational skills to a new topic in their never-ending quest to make things make sense.