ep 22: Fictional Kellys

What do Mindy Kaling, Jaclyn Smith, and Liam Kyle Sullivan all have in common? Basically nothing, beyond leaving an indelible mark on pop culture by way of characters named Kelly. Oracle Kelly (who maintains her Kellyness full-time with grace and wit) has challenged Mary and Andrew’s categorizing prowess with a list of fictional Kellys, and they get in the weeds brainstorming new installments of Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise.



...Use the ______ Accessories Wall Very Thoughtfully
- Kelly Collins (Claire's)
- Kelly (DSW)
Break on Through to the Other Side…of the Mall
- Kelly Kapoor
Category Retardant
- Kelly Severide
Intimidating Blondes with 90s Noses
Kelly Taylor
Peanut Butter & Kelly
Kelly Roberts
Snopes Says False - That Girl is Fake
Kelly Bundy
Trashbag X-ComFactor
Kelly Baily
Ur, Kelly
Kelly Kapowski
Kelly Garrett

Andrew Crawford