ep: 14 Fictional Places to Get a Cup of Coffee

Feeling sluggish, do you long for the company of good friends? Well pull up a chair at the Oracles' table and wrap your hand around a warm mug as we take a tour of some of the fiction's most notable java joints.


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All the World's Pre-Stage
Best Seats in the House: Hyper Horrible White People
Central Perk
Cup of Hyper-Reali-tea
The Max
The Peach Pit
Kodachrome Sweet Home
Arnold's Diner
Naked at a Pug Farm
The Double R Diner
Parental cockblock
Rachel's Place
Ponderosa Steakhouse
Monk's Cafe
The Bronze
Public Domainja Vu
The Pit
Café Nervosa
Second Living Rooms
Luke's Diner

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