Season 2, Episode 3: Cutting Cards

We bet you’re going to love our latest episode to pieces…of discarded limbs. Join Mary and Thomas as the roll the dice with Season 2 Episode 3, Cutting Cards

As always, if you’d like to follow along — and support the show / John Kassir — then you can pick up your own copy of TFTC Season 2 at this link

Our Ratings

Mary : 2 Hands of Chop Poker

Mary: 2 Hands of Chop Poker

Thomas : 4 Un-Amputated Fingers

Thomas: 4 Un-Amputated Fingers




Crypt Creepers is a podcast where two siblings resurrect the greatest horror anthology of 80s/90s, Tales from the Crypt! Join Thomas Johnston (big brother/reformed horror weenie) and Mary Johnston (little sister, recovering goth) as they work their way through the original HBO series. Expect shocking critiques, spine-tingling nostalgia, and of course, sickeningly bad puns.