ep 2: And All Through the House

It may be October but one should always keep Christmas in their heart…and their heart in a tastefully wrapped box beneath the tree.

This time around those most sinister of siblings, Mary and Thomas, lead you on a guided tour of the oddly holiday themed, second ever episode of Tales From the Crypt. Snuggle up by the blood-red light of Rudolph’s nose and join us as we watch our hero, “Unnamed Wife” try to escape the vile clutches of a dangerous lunatic disguised as the big man in the red suit, Satan. Oops, Santa.

If you’d like to follow along — and help support the show — pick up your own copy of Seasons one and two of TFC right here https://amzn.to/2CP6LAM




Crypt Creepers is a podcast where two siblings resurrect the greatest horror anthology of 80s/90s, Tales from the Crypt! Join Thomas Johnston (big brother/reformed horror weenie) and Mary Johnston (little sister, recovering goth) as they work their way through the original HBO series. Expect shocking critiques, spine-tingling nostalgia, and of course, sickeningly bad puns.