The Solar System

This time around, we’ll be taking on our biggest topic yet, the Solar System


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Celestial Body Dysmorphia
- Asteroid Belt
- Pluto
Dare to be Different
- Jupiter
Envoyage to the center of our hearts
- Saturn
H2 Oh Yeah
- Earth
Pippa Stuck-in-the-Middle-ton
- Mercury
- Neptune
Please excuse my dear aunt Sally. Aka get your shit together
- Venus
Super Man helps everyone
- The Sun / Sol
- Mars
The Literal Butt of Every Joke
- Uranus

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Banner image: “Tyrannosaurus Rex (2).jpg” courtesy of Elekes Andor. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, via Wikimedia Commons. color desaturated from original, Outrageous Mechanisms branded overlay placed over altered image.