Oh the Places You'll Go

Stuck in a dead-end gig? Looking for your first real job? Feeling disheartened?

Don’t fret friends, we’ve all been there, Oracles included! Join us on our latest episode as we examine and categorize some high, and low points from our own professional pasts.


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...Karen please
Subway Sandwich Artist
Benjamin Buttons
Hancock Fabrics Clerk
Inside a Clock Tower
Resource Center and Collections intern at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Resume Builder: Trial by Flambé
Student Supervisor - Circulation UWM Golda Meir Library
Strictly Celluloid Employed
Cashier at Fazolis
The Picture of Dorian Halcyon Day
Nerd Camp Counselor

Categorical Oracle is a comedy podcast that pits three brave librarians against the rampant disorder of the modern world. Every other week your hosts apply the combined might of their organizational skills to a new topic in their never-ending quest to make things make sense.


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