ep 2: 90s Sitcom Intros

We’re shamelessly cashing in on the Buzzfeed-laced nostalgia craze and digging into classic 90s sitcom intros. These multimedia “handshakes” take us back to a simpler time, when teenagers loved clip art, jazz was the height of sophistication, and fathers had baldfaced contempt for their families. As consummate organizational professionals, you can count on Mary, Kelly and Andrew to suspend sentimentality and zap the schmaltz with the grease-fighting power of Dawn dishsoap and a blatant disregard for Dave Coulier’s feelings.


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It's Like the Fintstones, But…
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Roasting Hot Dogs by the Hell-Fire
Full House
Second Choice
Mad About You
Served in a Warm sMug
The Wonder Years
Family Matters
Smart Guy
Sit Down You Blue Blonde
Saved by the Bell
We Have Fun
Will & Grace
Women Who Are Far to Good for That Man
Home Improvement

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